Daniel Magnowski asks the question: Can yoga and meditation help bring peace to Afghans?

My answer:  Yes, of course. A French human rights activist, Amandine Roche, is trying exactly that under the premise that peace comes from within. There is no harm is trying, right? When the white Western masters are not yielding & they continue to bomb the Afghan population for past decade in the name of bringing democracy, civilization, & freedom, the European human rights activists have to take resort in ancient Hindu myths to create a (false) sense of peaceful invincibility among Islamic Afghans before the next drone brings eternal peace to the participants!

Don’t you think that it is a human’s right to be able to find peace through body contortions & focusing in universal sound of Om, when the rest of the country is being violently pummeled by illegal aliens? I’ll have to think about that one. But wonder why a part of my brain is saying that the human rights activists out there should fuck the peace shit & organize the Afghans to become a unified formidable violent force to regain their country, their history, their culture, their economy & throw the outsiders, who are trying to play God, where they belong, out of their boundaries.

Peace be with all!