Gaddafi terrorized Libya & the entire world, is what the headlines say, to justify NATO & so called ‘freedom fighters’ shooting him down. But why are the news media falling short of explaining exactly how he terrorized Libya & the entire world for fucking 42-yrs & was allowed to do so by the world leaders until March 2011?

I have an idea how:

    By leading a ‘bloodless coup at age 27 to overthrow a monarch, King Idris. Now do we know what Idris had done for or to Libya?
    By allegdly masterminding the bombing of a Berlin disco that was favorite among American soldiers
    By allegdly funding the bombing of a Pan Am Flight
    By alledgly hijacking a cruise ship
    By being attended by European nurses, who by the way did not have anything bad to say about their employer
    By having female bodyguards
    By having neumerous phobia
    By having less than 10k prisonors in Libyan jails

    Oh lord! I’ve never heard of a more terrorizing human being. Finally the world will sleep in peace. Oh wait not so soon… there are two more tyrants still breathing: Ahmedinejad & Kim Jong Il. After these two remaining devils are killed, heaven will descend on the earth. Starving children will have food to eat. American citizens who stink like assholes & live on the streets will finally get back their dignity. Every human being will have equal rights to the resources of the world. We all will be a happy lot!

    Do we still need to vote?